Over the past several years, I have seen dozens of patients who have had liposuction on their abdomens by physicians in Central Ohio that are not certified or trained in plastic surgery. Obviously, they see me because they are unhappy with their outcome.

Unfortunately, they have been fooled by false certifications that imply that their surgeon was actually board certified in plastic surgery. The first clue that your physician may not have actual training in aesthetic surgery is that they only offer to perform the procedure in their office or their private surgery center. Hospitals and legitimate surgery centers require surgeons who perform surgery to have authentic training in the procedures that they perform at their facility. It is much harder to get a good result when someone else has already performed an inadequate procedure.

These physicians will generally only offer a patient liposuction even when a tummy tuck would be the procedure of choice simply because they cannot perform a tummy tuck; all they can do is liposuction. Remember, when the only tool that you have is a hammer, the world begins to look like a nail.

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