Patients commonly ask when the can get back to normal activity after breast implant surgery, including workouts. No matter how good you are feeling after surgery, it is beneficial to heed the advise of your surgeon and not overdue it for the first few weeks.

Most implants are placed under the pectoralis major muscle, which has been partially cut, elevated, sutured and is now stretched over a prosthesis. Elevating the elbow above the shoulder puts additional, unnecessary tension on it and can cause the sutures to tear out, resulting in bleeding or implant malposition. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the elbows below the shoulders for two to three weeks after breast implant surgery.

Strenuous activity too soon after surgery can also cause bleeding and other implant problems, which could result in the need to back to surgery. Give yourself adequate time to heal and you can avoid these problems and, eventually get back to all normal and strenuous activities.

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