I started with the “Ten biggest lies in plastic surgery,” but I now have to add #11. It’s the ‘Laser Bra.’ This is primarily a hoax to lure patients into having breast lift surgery by making them believe that a laser will give them a longer lasting result. There are two problems with this:  A. There is no evidence that the claim is true and, B. some surgeons don’t even use the laser or they use it for such a short period of time that it couldn’t make a difference even if it were effective. Beware of gimmicks and exorbitant claims. If it sound too good to be true, it is. As a general rule, if you see it on TV, do not believe it!

The vast majority of plastic surgery products and procedures seen on so-caller ‘Expert Doctor” shows are nothing but paid advertisements. Where are all of those ‘latest and greatest’ products from five years ago that were supposed to provide live-changing results? Gone. All gone. It was all hype; no substance and no results.

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