The so-called ‘expert’ patient is someone who has had some cosmetic surgery and now considers himself or herself as the world’s expert in that particular procedure.

In the past, it was no big deal as they could only misinform one or two people at a time. With advent of the Internet and chat rooms, they can now mislead thousands of people at a time.

I suspect these individuals have a psychological need to feel better about themselves and acting as an ‘expert’ in something that they have no real training or knowledge in, except for their own isolated experience, fills that void. Not that the Internet cannot provide you with a lot of good information; unfortunately it is poorly policed and you can become badly misinformed by such individuals.

Be very wary of any non-physician that claims to have all the answers to plastic surgery. Your best source of information is from a truly board certified plastic surgeon, the American Society of Plastic Surgery and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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