Whether it is a relatively minor injectable procedure such as Botox or a major body contouring surgery, one of the most important decisions you as a patient is going to make is, “Who is performing the procedure?”

A recent local social media post prompted this blog because of some of the ridiculous suggestions given when someone wanted to know who to go to for Botox injections. One person recommended a dentist that they go to. Another suggested an aesthetician at a local spa. I’m sure there were more, but I just couldn’t read on. REALLY!?!?!?

How about going to a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is trained to perform the procedure, has options available if the procedure you are asking for is not the best for you and who performs the injection himself or herself rather than dishing you off to a less qualified individual? Isn’t your face important enough for you to see a real trained professional for your cosmetic procedures? Is saving a few bucks (maybe) really that important when it comes to your appearance? Wouldn’t you rather see someone who performs these procedures all the time as opposed to seeing some untrained dude who does something completely unrelated for a living and wants to make some extra cash by doing Botox injections?

Got a tooth problem? Go to a dentist. Got pipe problems? Call a plumber. Knee issues? Find a good orthopedic surgeon. The questions are simple. The answers are easy.

If the physician is not doing the injections; why not? Aren’t you an important enough of a client to get the best for your procedure? Using a ‘trained injector’ is their way of saying, “I just don’t want to be bothered by you or have time to treat you.”

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