Someone has now come up with another laser for nonsurgical elimination of fat that is the latest in a long line of devices designed to accomplish the impossible: removing fat without removing fat. The simple fact is that the human body cannot eliminate liquefied fat. We eliminate waste products through our GI tract and though our kidneys. Liquefied fat under the skin has no way to get into the GI tract and cannot be eliminated through the kidneys because fat is not water-soluble.

‘Melted’ or liquefied fat is simply redistributed to other areas of the body where fat is stored. So, even if the ‘laser’ did melt the fat, and there is very little if any evidence that it does, it just gets deposited someplace else. The laser is very effective, however, at removing money from your wallet.

One big concern is that liquefied fat that is absorbed into your blood stream could also be deposited along the internal lining of your blood vessels contributing to heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure. It is interesting that the vast majority of physicians offering devices such as this are NOT board certified plastic surgeons.

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